Wisely & Slow


“Why is it you whisper when you really want to yell? Troubles in tow, go wisely and slow” (Wisely and Slow, The Staves)

Why is it you whisper when you really want to yell?

I don’t want to be quiet anymore about my hopes and life goals. I want to continue to push people to pursue their passions, but I can’t put the process of pursuing mine on hold. I’m tired of whispering my secret dreams, I’m ready to yell.

“Troubles in tow”

There is definitely trouble without the lack of self care. And by self care I mean; a) time to myself (alone) and b) time with God. Two things that I often (often, often) do not include in my schedule.

“Go wisely and slow”

This time around, I’m going to go wisely and slow. Learn how to say a more thought out “yes” or more (and more) “nos”. Sit down, drink a glass of water and stare out the window. Go for runs more often. Spend more time outside. Read more. Call home more. Prioritize people better.

And as I look into what going wisely and slow looks like, I’ll remember this:

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms” Deuteronomy 33:27

Happy 2017, go wisely and slow.

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